Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heaven Only Knows...

Emmylou Harris
The Sopranos
So in my two month sojourn "Up North", I watched The Sopranos, a lot. Sure, they're all reruns, but I'd never seen the show before. But one of the HBO channels shows it every weeknight at 2000. So I watched. And I was hooked. But that's a story for another time.

Today I wanted to mention (and showcase) an Emmylou Harris song which was featured on one episode of The Sopranos, which involved Tony and his shrink (the lady behind him in the photo above). But again, not the point of the post (Tony and his shrink that is) it's the song.

I heard that song and was determined to Google it and listen to it in it's awesome fullness. Today is the day I finally remembered to do that.

Now back in the day, many in the aviation community were addicted to what we called "country and western". Most of it wasn't, not really, I still don't know what is and what isn't "country and western". I would put this song in that genre. But what do I know? I just know that it's an excellent tune. As always...



  1. I loves me some Emmylou; I've seen her twice and have most of her albums, of which "Pieces of the Sky" is my absolute favorite.

    It's funny... all o' my buddies in the AF HATED country; we associated it with "management/Lifers." It was years before I finally came around to love it.

    1. Well, my crowd wasn't thrilled with the genre, we were all rockers. But ISYN the aircrew ate the stuff up. According to the WSO, they still do.

  2. Twangy bass... love it!

    The guys in CIC had really eclectic tastes in music.
    The best part was we had a reel to reel recorder in the ECM room.
    And there was a speaker at the comm table that could be switched from one Radio Central receiver to another.
    So, when in port, we could make request to the radiomen to tune to various stations or even play stuff we'd recorded.
    Even the $#!+head Commodore nobody liked approved of much of the music to which we listened.
    Patsy Cline was really big time then [which will give a clue as to when it was].

    1. There is much in this song that appeals to me.

      Sounds like a nice set up. Reel-to-reel man, that's old school!

      I gather you guys really looked up to the Commodore. (Snicker...)


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