Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'd Rather Be Doing This...

It's what I call a "missile fest". I'm sure the Navy has a different name for it. And so Skip doesn't get too worked up about me posting ship photos...

As a certain Marine might say, "Time for a C-Gar!"


  1. "Worked up?"

    I get worked up about unreturned phone calls, not about blog posts.

    1. Did you call me? Did I miss that?

      Sorry Skip, for using you as a plot device. (That post had a plot?)


  2. I checked the blog when I got home as I often do. At first I thought you were short on material and that's why you didn't have anything to post for the Friday Flyby. However, it took a minute to realize that today isn't Friday, despite how much it feels like it, with the 4th of July being tomorrow, and Friday I'm on leave. I'm unfortunately taking Fridays off from now until who knows when. Thanks for nothing Congress.

    1. Don't feel bad, I took Wednesday off and spent the entire day bemoaning that I hadn't done the Flyby yet. Had to keep reminding myself of what day it was.

      Ouch, you've been hit by the dreaded "sequester". That sucks. I know some other gubmint workers in that same boat.

      I wonder how much money we could save by not paying Congress until they start doing their jobs. Bastards!


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