Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Lunchtime Drought Has Ended, Oooraaaahhh!

For some reason it seems that the IT Department has taken pity upon me.

Obviously NOT the Head of IT
No Fools were pitied...
It's lunch and I'm happily blogging once more. On my own time of course, we covered this on Monday. You don't remember? Go back and refresh thyself, thee who didst not attention payeth. (And yea verily, I will doth avoideth faux Elizabethan English for the nonce. Verily.)

At any rate, as I had mentioned, Google Chrome had been disabled. Shot full of holes it was and down by the bow. You could see the pixels manning the life boats as Google Chrome started to slip beneath the waves. On it's way to Davy Jone's locker. (Actually none of that was going on. Just a screen that said "Oh, I won't load, check your settings." Or some such nonsense. The sinking ship image seemed more dramatic, so I ran with it. Sorry...)

Now why the big hubbub Bub? (You may be wondering.) Why didn't you just use Internet Explorer (IE)? Yes, yes, yes we know you don't care for it. But if that's all you've got...?

Um yeah, no, that's not why I didn't just use IE. The version we had loaded at work (note the tense, that's called foreshadowing...) did not work with Blogger. Apparently a miracle has occurred. The IT gods have relented and given us a more functional version of IE. It is to rejoice.

The Sarge is back online!
Needless to say, I think Juvat had something to do with it. (Sigh, now go read the comments to the Monday post, then that will be clear. You really do need to pay attention. Everything will become clear and all will be tied together eventually. It's the Old AF Sarge Unified Theory of Storytelling. All threads will join, all will be revealed with a perfect shimmering clarity. Someday. Just not today.)

Carry on...


  1. Well, OK then. But when do you EAT? (as in "lunch")

    1. Sometimes I'll blog while I'm eating. Other days I'll switch things up and eat while I'm blogging. I'm flexible. I don't eat much at lunch (actually nothing at all, just a diet shake, don't ask) so it's more like 5 minutes of lunch and 30 minutes of blogging. Or something close to that.

      Believe me, my employer gets a solid eight hours out of me. Yes, a day. Har-de-har-har.

      I stay at my desk for lunch, the cafeteria is full of civilians. Eeeyewwww...

    2. Lunch was very, very important to me in my working days. I NEVER let lunch go by lightly and always re-fueled heartily... sometimes in the cafeteria when I worked for a Very Big Corporation but most often off-site in the company of friends. Lunch was especially pleasing in SFO when I had a myriad of dining options within a three block radius of my workplace.

      But... as "they" say... YMMV.

    3. Perhaps I spent too many years on the flightline where lunch was very much "catch as catch can". When thirsty we had one superviser who would bring us a ziplock bag full of water. Seriously.

      I guess that's why for me, meals are a solitary affair. Wolfed down and soon forgotten.

      So as you may gather, my mileage has indeed varied. A great deal as a matter of fact.

      But I don't begrudge those who enjoy the social aspects of mealtime. For me, socializing involves beer. Always.

  2. Great get back to work.

    1. Hhhmm, did we ever work together? You "sound" familiar...

  3. A victory for the common man! Good to see that The Man cant keep you down!


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