Sunday, July 21, 2013

I Love the Spitfire, But Oh You P-51...

I think the Spitfire is the most beautiful of the Warbirds. But I would not turn the Mustang away. Just sayin'...

The video is a bit long, but it is awesome. Well worth your time!

We good now Buck?


  1. Spit Fire
    and Pee 51
    There's a mental picture

    Speaking of which, I think I once peed 151
    It burned

  2. Outstanding video, and good explanation of the airplane and it's foibles...

  3. I think you're in the minority Sarge, loving the Spitfire more than the Mustang. Not a bad choice if you gotta pick the second best looking girl in the bar! I'd agree with you though if we were comparing the P-51A or B models, which look too similar to the P-40 Warhawk. The canopy on those look like warehouse windows. Besides the modern looks (back then) for a WWII bird, the polished silver or chrome on the D-version in your post, and the bubble canopy that looks like a prelude to the jet age really make the D look almost as bad-ass as the Tomcat. Here's a semi-interesting link on the multiple color schemes on the Mustang:

    1. Nice site! However, I must point out that their logo features a Spitfire. Just sayin'...


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