Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ce N'est Pas la Chaleur, C'est l'Humidité!

It is hot today, by New England standards. The desert folk would no doubt sigh in relief at these temperatures. But, like the title says (if you can speak French): "It's not the heat, it's the humidity!"

Now I am no stranger to heat and humidity, these places all make New England in the summer seem downright chilly! (Relatively speaking mind you...)

Spent 2 1/2 Years Here (76 to 78) ...
The Summers, they are tropical

Spent 17 days here in March of 1980.
It was hotter than Okinawa in July!

Mississippi Gulf Coast
US 90 Eastbound, Heading into Biloxi, MS
Spent the Summer of 1987 Here
The Hottest and Humidest Place I Have Ever Been

So while little Rhody is nowhere near as hot as some places I've been nor as hot as other places are right now, it's still hot!

Ah, now that feels good!
(And yup, been there too. EG = Eglin AFB, Florida)


  1. Ah... I've experienced summer in all the places you cite, the WORST o' which had to be Biloxi, if only coz there weren't no redeeming qualities about that place, e.g., San Miguel and other things we won't go on about due to the PG nature of these premises. ;-)

    That said... Dee-troit wasn't exactly a picnic, either. High humidity, high temps, sticky. I lived an air-conditioned existence there. I kinda like the WX where I am now, by comparison.

    1. Ah yes, San Miguel. And other cultural things...

    2. I'd give ya a link to an EIP story about "cultural things" at Clark but like I said... PG. ;-)

  2. San Miguel could make up for a lot of things, neh?


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