Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kein Anschluss Unter Dieser Nummer

Not having a topic is UNACCEPTABLE! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!

Skip has the right of it, blogging every day can sometimes strain the old thinking apparatus. I mean, I feel that I'm a creative guy, bright, funny, somewhat educated, but damn, sometimes it's tough to come up with a topic.

Sometimes I'll go to Google Images and search based on a phrase, sometimes it's hysterical what will come up if you search for an image related to something like, oh let's say, "borscht on Tuesdays". (Just tried it, most of the images actually involved borscht. Don't know what borscht is? Well, according to Wikipedia, "Borscht is a soup of Ukrainian origin that is popular in many Eastern and Central European countries. In most of these countries, it is made with beetroot as the main ingredient, giving it a deep reddish-purple color.")

On the other hand, sometimes what shows up can be a little scary, if not downright disgusting. There seem to be any number of sick ba$tards out there with access to the internet. So beware. Like I said the other day, Google Images can be your friend, or not. One must choose one's search parameters carefully. Just sayin'...

At any rate, that's my method when I am sans idées. Which happens from time to time. Like right this moment. I think my muse had to go out. Maybe she'll return later.

We'll see...

The title of the post is part of the message one receives when dialing an unused phone number in Germany. Thought you'd want to know...

Update: In which I actually change the title of the post because it was wrong! I changed "Antwort" to "Anschluss", there is no "connection" under this number, not there is no "answer". Geez, I hate it when I do that! For proof, I give you - 

Oh my, wasn't that annoying!


  1. My Muse has NO discipline at all. She wanders here and there, often without advising me that she'll be gone for a few days.


  2. Sarge, you are coming up with some great content, so I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. If you like pictures, check out Tumblr, there is very literally a world of images to look over, and the subjects to talk about tend to follow naturally from that.

    1. Yes, after you clued me into Tumblr I went there. Kind of wandered around and found much to marvel at.

      Perhaps even a better source for inspiration.


  3. I have always ignored the blandishments of those who would have me do a daily post. I'm far too lazy. I'd let everyone down within the first couple of months. Hell, I let enough folks down now just being haphazard. Anyway, I think you ex-military are better at the daily regimentation thing.

    The best thing about Google Images is knowing that you're just as likely to get a photo of some naked broad as anything else, no matter what terms you put in.

    1. I think your frequency is pretty good. Your posts tend to be longer and more involved. You can't do those every day and expect the quality your readers are used to. I do a lot of quick hitters, a couple of photos, a few words to make it coherent, then, like Costanza, I'm out...

      I have yet to type a search phrase into Google Images and not get a naked person somewhere in the results. It's probably something buried in the search engine's code. Something like this (I paraphrase of course):

      if numResults > 50
      show naked chick
      show next boring result

    2. Well that's just not very sporting is it? Where's the challenge in that?


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